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The Federal National Delegation visited "Zhengwang Cultural Innovation"

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The delegation of the "federal people" visited "Zhengwang Cultural Innovation" from Sharjah 24, on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Sharjah –

The delegation of the Federal National Council (FNC), led by Dr. Amal Abdullah Al-Qubaisi, President of the Council, visited the Zhengwang Cultural Innovation Center in Nanjing, China, which has documented China's history, culture and civilization for thousands of years. It is presented and maintained in an innovative way using the latest technologies and technological tools. Official delegation to the People's Republic of China.

The visit included parts and wings of the center, reflecting the history and civilization of China for thousands of years, documenting the nature of life that was prevalent in this city, which 500 years ago was the capital of China. The Center also provides visitors with access to city development in the economic and industrial sector and the development of currency. Through a special pavilion containing hundreds of pieces of coins, which show the historical sequence of the nature of the rule that ruled in different years and the leaders who traded to the authorities.

The delegation, which included the second deputy chairman of the council Abdulaziz Al Zaabi and members of the delegation, the United Nations ambassador to Beijing, Ali Obaid Ali Al Dhahiri, informed the delegation about the innovative way of preserving the history, heritage and civilization of this city through the use of the latest technology. One of the most advanced centers in the world dealing with the past and present it in the spirit of generations now and in the future, keeping generations to come history, culture, civilization and details of everyday life.

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