Thursday , July 7 2022

The Minister of Agriculture receives a report on the visit of the UAE Food Safety delegation


Minister of Agriculture and Recultivation, dr. Ezzeddin Abu Setit, received a report from Dr. Ahmed Al-Attara, Head of the Central Quarantine Department, on a visit to the Dubai Food Safety Authority of the Food Control Department, to discuss the food control initiative from the source. UAE.

Abu Sitit praised the efforts of the Central Administration of Quarantine, which contribute to the increase of agricultural exports abroad, which uses the national economy and called for additional efforts to open up new markets for Egyptian products.

Attar said that a delegation from the Food Safety Authority of the Municipality of Dubai visited the Central Quarantine Administration in the presence of Dr. Hussein Mansura, head of the Egyptian Food Safety Agency, for the role of quarantine and inspection mechanisms for Egyptian fresh vegetables and fruits exported to UAE.

He added that he explained in details to members of the UAE delegation on the role of quarantine in the system of inspection and monitoring of Egyptian exports and implementation of the commitment to the agricultural quarantine on the implementation of decisions, rules and mechanisms for the system of accreditation and consolidation of farms and petrol stations and centers in order to ensure the application of good agricultural practice with an increased emphasis on laboratory analysis, each farm in this system will be approved and intended, except after quarantine inspectors are withdrawn representative zorak farms and notarized and sent to central laboratories for pesticide residues, as well as the certification of Agriculture Pesticide residues deliveries in the UAE.

Dr. Issam Al Hashemi, Head of Food Control Department, Dubai Municipality, emphasized the importance of Egyptian commitment to the implementation of UAE sanitary and phytosanitary requirements and praised the role of the Egyptian agricultural quarantine in the export control system.

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