Sunday , April 11 2021

The scientific study confirms the danger of the electronic shisha on human health

ExtendThe electronic shisha has been known to be the alternative to tobacco. It is an electronic device that uses a battery to heat a called fuse, which smokes a special solution called eucalyptus, which produces smoke that has an intelligent smell and that contains a proportion of nicotine to adapt to smokers. That was transmitted by Al-Ghad TV in a recent study on the damages of the electronic Shisha, which many people resort in an attempt to get rid of tobacco or hookah. The researchers noted that electronic shisha negatively affects the lungs and contains chemicals harmful to human health. Khanha in general.

The report said that electronic shisha has serious damage, some contain ethyl alcohol and nicotine.

The report also noted that one of the most dangerous effects of Shisha's electronic leakage of the solution in the mouth if not well done, which entails many health problems, as well as materials that are involved in the manufacture and that oxidize with oxygen.

The report also said that electronic shisha can cause allergies to smokers, especially at the beginning.

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