Tuesday , May 18 2021

The vision of leadership is based on the establishment of security in its comprehensive sense

The National Service and the Reserve Service of the Hotel and Club of Abu Dhabi Armed Forces members organized an alternative service forum in 2018 in the presence of General-General Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoon Al Nahian, President of the National and Reserve Services and several senior officers of the armed forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs jobs and high officials from various government and private institutions.
Ahmed Bin Tahnoon gave an introductory speech at a forum where he greeted the audience and reviewed the most important achievements of the national service project related to alternative services by participants.
He praised the vision of a wise leadership based on establishing security in its comprehensive concept that will bring security and security to the state and its citizens and residents in its own country as a result of continuous monitoring of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zaied Al Nahian, Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces the strength of the United Arab Emirates, which adds to the quality and true support of the national program in achieving its goals at all levels.
He explained that alternative services by recruits in all sectors of the country reflect the strategic vision of the national service and backup program, which is an integrated national program.

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