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This is the truth of Riham Said's serious illness


Rapid progress in the health status of the Egyptian media Riham Said, who announced his illness and demanded that everyone ask for her and her forgiveness.

The official website of the "Sabaya" program presented by the Egyptian media that had a microbe in the face.

According to doctors, the danger is still based on Said's health, and they are currently trying to eliminate the microbe.

Due to the Egyptian media and the fear of doctors from the arrival of bacteria in the brain, it was decided to give an intensive Said treatment to control bacteria and prevent the spread of the body, according to the Arabic .

The doctors decided to monitor the Egyptian media under surveillance for a period of two weeks to go beyond the danger stage they were passing and prevented them from making visits permanently.

In another context, the Egyptian media assured all the children who had decided to travel through the program through the program that their difficult situation would not be an obstacle to the continuity of the program's activity.

Despite the support of a few friends and artists, Rahim Said, but they are reluctant to talk about their health.

However, one of the Egyptian media friends named Rania Amr decided to respond after the spread of many rumors, where it was revealed through his "Facebook" account that Riham Said had a microbe in the nose and there fear of his arrival in sight and in the brain.

He added that the Egyptian media were subjected to precise surgery and underwent intensive treatment later, and if they were not successful, they would travel abroad to continue the treatment.

She denied that the Egyptian media had been infected with microbial skin that caused skin loss or that it was infected by the disease suffered by Michael Jackson.


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