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UAE – a 5-star hotel with 18 underground floors


(Source: MENAFN – Al – Baian) Source: Date: November 17, 2018

The city of Shanghai, China, will open next week the first underground hotel in the world of 5 stars, which was built in a place that was initially abandoned stone in the length of 88 meters.

A hotel with 18 floors, 16 floors below the ground level, is located on its website, and the remaining two floors are completely immersed in the hotel's aquarium, which has a water depth of 10 meters.

According to the network, the elements of leadership in the new hotel are not only the first five-star hotel in the world built in the quarry, and the world's lowest hotel in terms of falling from the ground, but also to be the first hotel in the world, depends on design and construction on the "inverse" sky ", which will revolutionize the world of architectural designs, according to the description" CGTN ".

The network also reported that the new hotel was designed by the same designers who designed the famous Burj al Arab in Dubai.

The hotel is 30 kilometers from the heart of Shanghai, it takes about 10 years of construction. About 5,000 architects and construction workers participated in its construction.

The construction of the hotel has met several structural challenges, such as subterranean sewerage networks that hinder construction, how to transport construction materials, avoid natural disasters, and others. These challenges have required innovative engineering solutions, such as the development of sloping construction elevators for moving and transporting workers and building materials between hotel floors over quarries with their uneven walls.

With 336 rooms, the hotel offers guests a spectacular view of artificial waterfalls and falls from the quarry walls. It is important to note that the hotel rooms are fully booked on the opening day of the 20th century.


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