Monday , May 16 2022

We need to find the convergence point for the lifetime


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the United Nations, Sheikh Saif bin Zaied Al Nahian, welcomed the participants of the first edition of the Alliance of Religions for Community Safety: Children's Dignity in the Digital World, which opened in Abu Dhabi on Monday morning.

Shaykh Saif bin Zaied said in his introductory address at the forum: "Your Majesty, Glory and Holiness … I welcome all the greetings of all religions. Peace and grace are upon you. I am happy to salute you here in this part of God's earth , And spread the values ​​of justice, truth, and humanity. "

He added: "We are gathering here about the approach of our predecessors, apostles, prophets, messengers and righteous people who have come to humanity in a language of peace, coexistence and love. That was our destiny and our light. negativity, we have love for God, the values ​​of the late Shaikh Zayed, the peace on him, the approach to love for good and humankind. His sons in UAE have followed this approach under the sign of tolerance and convergence.

He pointed out that the late founder Sheikh Zaied Bin Sultan Al Nahian, can God bless and provide peace, inherit the values, ethics and love of religions for our leaders who worked on the consolidation of this ethics and spread the values ​​of love, tolerance and justice. Beliefs and methods of mankind together carry the task and defend the values ​​of the rights and convey a positive spirit.

UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Saif bin Zaied Al Nahian said: "The UAE has strengthened its partnership with religious icons and cultural figures to promote the spirit of fraternity and good work for humanity and nothing but humanity, Tolerance."

Shaykh Saif bin Zaied said: "Today, we meet with representatives of our approach to the good of all mankind, and today all lovers of the good in the world are with you, and religion is all about God, and only God rules the given religion, because he only knows what in souls and human conscience and intentions, and we must seek the points of convergence for life as the Lord of the World has said, and ultimately I thank this gathering between your parents and your brothers and sisters, and with the help of God, hope for the world and all mankind, according to God your Try and ask B him to bless you, and in this place, and I hope the success and success. "

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