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«Zayed Values» .. embrace the talents of teens


The center opened the tenth house in the historic district of Al Fahidi, in the presence of excellence Jamila Al Muhairi, State Minister for General Education, and Ali Al Mutawa, General Secretary of Awqaf and the Foundation Minor issues In Dubai, and it is the first joint cooperation between «training» and «Youth Affairs».

Sheikh Zayed

Ali Al Mutawa stressed the importance of the exhibition and said: "The exhibition of Zayed Values ​​is the result of bilateral qualitative cooperation between training and the Afers Minor and Awqaf Foundation in order to highlight the talents of our minor children and provide them with the opportunities they deserve Start The noble values ​​of the UAE and humanity, represented by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, could God support his soul and lay the foundations solid of the prestigious position that today occupy the UAE in the regional and international scenarios ".

"The technical workshops we have organized over the past six months for our children have become a model for joint cooperation between institutions related to the empowerment of young people. They also contributed to the mission of the Afers Foundation Minor and Awqaf in Dubai to empower minors and develop their talent and skills. A new generation of creative talent that visually transports the values ​​of UAE globally. "

Creative thinking

"Since its creation in 2008, Tashkeel has launched several initiatives that include programs and projects for the development of the creative abilities of young people, such as the winter, spring and summer training camp, and the club's # 39; post-school arts, "said Lisa Balichgar, deputy director of Tashkeel. .

He added: "We started joint cooperation with the Awqaf Foundation and minors when we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the creation of the center. The idea of ​​the workshops was inspired by the words of the last founding father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, that God he could rest his soul.

The six-month workshops, which included a variety of programs, allowed young participants to strengthen many of their technical skills that contribute to finding solutions around them, such as promoting creative thinking, solving problems, communicating not verbal and teamwork.

And a group of artists and teachers with experience to bring young people on a journey through the values ​​of Sheikh Zayed, highlighting the discovery of the work of some of the greatest artists in the UAE. This exhibition celebrates the remarkable potential of 45 young people through the depth and diversity of their creations. "

12 Workshop

Karam Hour, director of marketing and communication at Shakl Center, said: "In his first cooperation with the Awqaf & Minors' Foundation, Shakl Center was willing to support the talents of drawing and the arts through of the organization of 12 technical workshops between October 2018 and March 2019. " One Saturday both morning and evening.

The workshops were carried out under the supervision of a group of experienced artists: Fátima Al Boudour, Jamal Tayara Baroudi, Khalid Mazina, Ruba Al Araji and Salama Naseeb.

The workshops highlighted one of the values ​​that reflect the inheritance of the late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Give, society, sustainability, harmony, respect and wisdom) through various artistic fields, from collage, artistic printing, The colors of the water and the creation of decorative patterns.

Each workshop was opened with a showcase of a pioneer of the visual arts of Emirates such as Hussein Sharif and Hamdan Butti Al Shamsi, creating an inspiration and a link between the generation of # 39 ; professional and young artists.


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