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A history of love and the most expensive divorce in history, HELLO! Russia

The decision of founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, of divorcing his wife in himself suggests that freedom is more precious than money. In addition to the state of the richest person on the planet, it can be lost after the division of ownership. According to the law of the state of Washington, where Bezos will probably divorce, the common property is shared equally among spouses. In theory, Mackenzie could get about 69 billion dollars and become the richest woman in the world, surpassing the current rating leader, almost 24 billion, Alice Walton, the daughter of the founder of the Walmart corporation. However, experience shows that in cases with billionaires, the property is not divided from 50 to 50.

BezosMackenzie and Jeff BezosAs Donald Trump did, the continuation of this story "surely will be spectacular." Well, it started on January 9, 2019, when an official message appeared on Jeff's Twitter page, with which the businessman and his spouse announced a divorce.

We are very happy to meet you, and we are deeply grateful for every year of our marriage. If we knew that we would leave after so many years, we would still repeat everything,

– says the letter.

On the same day, the discussion of the reasons for the decision of the spouses was quickly replaced by the calculation of the property they had acquired. According to Forbes, the state Jeff is estimated at 138 billion dollars. In an interview with American Vogue, Mackenzie admitted once he was incredibly fortunate to be the wife of a wealthy man. All his life dreamed about writing novels, and not earning a lot of money from books:

I took the lucky ticket. With him, my life is much better than it could be.

And even, who was more fortunate: Mackenzie or Jeff, the question is open. Corporations like Amazon or Apple are not made by solitaire geniuses: there are always those who have helped to pass a doubtful idea to a multimillionaire business: parents, teachers, friends, spouses, after all.

BezosIn the photo, the young person Jeff Bezos at the beginning of his trip. Today, a businessman pays special attention to supporting young talents, even financing their projects.

Love formula

Mackenzie met her future husband when she was 23 and was 29 years old. He graduated from Princeton University and wanted to become a writer, but the need to pay bills led to an investment company, D. E. Shaw, as an analyst. The work was approved by Vice President Jeff Bezos personally. Three months after the first date (of which Mackenzie was the initiator) were already hired, after six were married. A year later, Jeff offered his wife Together with him, he renounces paid work and goes from the prestigious Manhattan district to the other end of the country to establish an Internet company. And that's in 1994: four years before the arrival of Google and one year after the creation of the first full web browser. Mackenzie did not make sense of the business, but saw that her husband burned with the idea and was in agreement with an adventure.

The only reason why Jeff could take such a dangerous step was the incredible support of his wife. They had a difficult road ahead, and she shared it with him,

– explains Brad Stone, author of "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and Amazonia's". The business owner does not deny that, without the support of Mackenzie, it would hardly have been successful.

Imagine, I tell my wife that I want to quit and make crazy that probably does not work, like most startups, and I do not know what will happen to us after all this. And she only accepts me!

– reminded Bezos of a start speech to Princeton students in 2010.

Bezos"Jeff is my complete opposite. He is very sociable, and for me the game is a complete annoyance," says Mackenzie Bezos. "I needed a woman who could get rid of the category of ordinary people, helped me with the implementation of ideas," said Jeff Bezos.

Touch the net

In addition to the fact that Mackenzie provided moral support to her husband, in the early years of Amazon, she actively participated in the work of the company: she kept the accounting department and, in parallel, she trained orders He packed them and brought them to the post office. He retired only when the business grew strong and the staff appeared. The next 10 years, MacKenzie dedicated to the realization of another dream, Jeff – a strong and happy family, and his, to launch the novel, is set to rest in pause. His first book, The Trial of Luther Albright, will be released only in 2005, and the second, The Traps, after another eight years.

BezosIn marriage, Mackenzie and Jeff were born three children. The girl they adopted from China. Until 2013, Mackenzie led the children to the school and sent Jeff to work on a Honda car. Even becoming multimillionaires, they tried to be the most habitual family.

In fact, writing is just a profession. Nobody expects anything from you. You can not claim you are a lawyer or a teacher, because people are counting on you. And to write, you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance. Especially when you have children whose interests are always more important. After the birth of my third child, I noticed that it could not be, at the same time, the mother who always wanted to be, and wrote "full time." These were difficult days

– says Mackenzie. In marriage to Jeff, he had three children. The couple also adopted a girl from China.

Stop the shot!

I needed a woman who could move away from the category of inhabitants,

– said Bezos in a way. 25 years ago she found her. Amazon would have been so successful if there was another next to Jeff? It is difficult to estimate all this with clear values. What is known with certainty is that the richest woman in Mackenzie has been for several years, like the legitimate half of the richest man on earth. But if she will remain alone after divorce is a big question: it will only be known after the court ruling on the most expensive divorce case in history.

BezosIt is not known for sure why the ideal American family collapsed, but the foreign press quotes Jeff as the cause of betrayal. He is credited with the adventure with the television host and actress Lauren Sánchez. In the photo: Jeff Bezos with Lauren Sanchez and her husband Patrick Whitesell, 2016

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