Thursday , May 13 2021

Andrej Pushkar – Ukrainian world champion in the fight against hand died in a terrible accident – the latest sports news – photo

Ukrainian manuscript Andrei Pushkar died in a terrible car accident on November 14 at about 3 pm. The deadly accident happened on the highway "Kiev-Chop".

The driver of the sailor "Citroena" Oleg Zhokh lost control of the car, drove himself into the upcoming tape and crashed into a truck driven by a 30-year-old resident of Chernihiv region. After the collision, the passengers of the van Andrei Puskar and his father's father died on the spot, while Zokh was in serious condition at the hospital, according to the portal Ternopolje.

In 2006, Andrej Pushkar won the title of Honorary Masters of Sport of Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian won 15 times the title of world champion, 16 times – champion of Europe. In addition, Puškar won the World Cup among the professionals 7 times.

Ukrainian world champion on weapons died in a terrible accident

According to OBOZREVATEL, the owner of "Lester" died in a terrible catastrophe. The cause of the tragedy was the improper operation of one of the helicopters.

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