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At the Sothebi Auction in Geneva (Switzerland) jewelry, owned by the Queen of France Marie-Antoinette

The gowns have been hidden from the public for the past 200 years. Experts call the current auction most significant in history (royal jewelry of this level is rarely put up for sale). On the auction, in particular, exposed pearl necklaces, diamond-pearl pendant and earrings belonging to the queen. In addition, the auction will sell the jewelry collection, owned by the Italian royal family Bourbon-Parma.

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"This remarkable collection of gems provides an incredible opportunity to get to know their owners over the past several hundred years," said Daniella Machetti, deputy director of Sotheby's Geneva Branch, commenting on the auction.

One of the most expensive lots is the pearl Marie Antoinette, decorated as a diamond pendant. Experts estimate it to $ 2 million. Necklaces made of natural pearls and diamonds, as well as earrings of pearls and diamonds, are estimated at $ 300,000 for each party. The ring of the queen with a monogram, in which he is hidden, is estimated at $ 10 thousand. The offer should be held tonight.


Photo: The Guardian

Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Emperor Franz I and his wife, Archduke Maria Theresa. She was married to King Louis XIV of France.

In the role of Queen Marie-Antoinette, she was distinguished by her extravagant and extremely scattered behavior. This caused a very negative attitude of people towards her, which ultimately caused the French Revolution.

The Queen succeeded in returning her jewelry to her cousins ​​in Austria. At the same time, Mari-Antoinette alone was not able to escape from France. She was executed at the guillotine in 1793 at the age of 37.


Photo: The Guardian



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As previously said, the things on the culture of actor Frank Sinatra appeared at the auction. It also became known that a piece of cake from the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles (PHOTOS) was sold at the auction.

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