Monday , May 16 2022

Bieber Haili's wife follows her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez on Instagram: evidence of a photo


24-year-old singer Justin Bieber, who secretly married Hailey Baldwin, shared his fans in two camps in connection with his personal life. Some supporters are happy for their family happiness, while others still remember former beloved Selene Gomez and believe that the last singer is his true love.

The other day, Justin's wife Haley Baldwin (Bieber) went into a funny situation on social networks.

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So, the model began to follow in Instagram, a fan page dedicated to Seleni Gomez. However, after that, Haley immediately quit the order, at this point the administrator managed to make a screenshot and publish it.

Baldwin decided to explain the situation and wrote a private message on the side of fans @ houseofsel.

"Hello, I subscribed by chance, I'm sorry," wrote Haley.

Haley Baldwin began to follow the site of the fans of selena gomez on Instagram

Haley is accidentally subscribed to the site of Selene Gomez at Instagram

Fan Selena Gomez

Recall that Justin and Haley began to meet in 2015, but their romance lasted only a few months. After a second break with Selena Gomez and a short tie with Champion Baskin, Justin Bieber continued his relationship with Haley. For the first time, a couple were spotted together at the end of May 2018, when they went on a romantic date. After that, it became known that the artist was officially engaged with Baldwin.

Justin Bieber also bought a property in Canada, which cost more than $ 5 million. The couple had secretly visited one of the courts in New York, where their relationship was legalized.

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