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CEO Ripple: Cryptomone does not replace fiat


Brad Garlinghaus, California-based startup ripper, agreed with US Secretary of the Treasury, Stephen Mnuchin, that cryptomonadietes could not replace fixed money, and they also said the head of the Ministry of Justice, The Treasury had consulted with it the regulation of the signature. He said it in one of the latest Twitter messages.

Well, yesterday, Stephen Mnuchin He made a press conferenceDuring which he declared that the US authorities have "very serious doubts" regarding the digital currency of the balance, Bitcoin and other crypto-converters in general.

CEO Ripple is convinced that digital assets can not "crush the dollar or other G20 coins of our time." At the same time, Garlinghaus emphasized that it is impossible to cut the entire crypt industry with a pint, as it has come a long way since the time of Silk Road.

"In order for our sector to succeed, we have to work with the regulators and in the established framework … If we want to achieve maximum progress, we must work together with the existing financial system and not against it," said Ripple leader .

He also addressed the recent cryptomoneda project. Deliver from Facebook, noting that the new currency "should be the same rule as other regulated financial institutions."

It is worth noting that British Chancellor of Treasure, Philip Hammond, spoke about Libra. Therefore, in a conversation with CNBC He said that the British authorities had no intention of interfering with or stopping the Facebook project.

In addition, Hammond is sure that politicians and legislators should not be involved in the development of measures to control the Pound, as this is the task of the regulators.

"We will not deny it [от Libra] or try to stop We will interact with him and work with other people to ensure their effective regulation, "said the politician.

At the same time, he noted that he sees a difference in the management structure between Bitcoin and Libra.

Remember the next days, on July 16 and 17, will be held Audiences on the Balance at the Senate Banking Committee and the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives, respectively. Previously, the CEO of Calibra, David Marcus posted Written version of his upcoming speeches at the United States Congress.

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