Saturday , November 27 2021

Chernomorets 2: 0 Waiting tactics or Misti odds UA-Football


For the first time in history, the Right won Chernomorets, before there was only a defeat, although this success is very ambiguous. Odessans had a good first half, were charged with fighting, created several great moments, and then removed Rizhuka, more than controversial removal. Of course, in the second half, the north pressed the visitors, they were completely in the possession of the initiative and easily (surprisingly lighter) scored three points. Without luck, luckily, "sailors" lose on the ninth first match in a row. And Chernihov's "little blood" in six leaders.

Read a detailed review of the match later.

DEPL. Round 15
Chernihiv. OUSC Chernihiv
Referee: Alekander Omelchenko (Slaviansk)

Right – Chernomorets 2: 0
Objectives: Denis Bezborodko 55, Artem Favorov 64

Right: Evgeni Past, Anton Bratkov, Vladislav Ogira, Dmitry Khlebas (Aleksandr Filippov 75), Igor Kartuzov, Artem Favorov, Denis Bezborodko (Sergey Starenko 90 + 3), Maxim Imerekov, Andrei Slinkin, Denis Favorov, Aleksandr Volkov (Maksim Banasevich 81)

Chernomorets: Andrei Mischenko, Robert Mutzers (Denis Norenkov 45), Dmitry Semenov (Andrey Mischenko), Andrei Mischenko, Robert Mutzers (Denis Norenkov 45), Andrei Kozhukhar, Ivan Trubochkin, Dmitry Rizhuk, Aleksei Savchenko, Artiom Chornii, Gleb Grachev (Oleg Ostapenko 58)

Warnings: Denis Favorov 15 – Dmitry Ryzhuk 27, Dmitriy Ryzhuk 42
Uninstall: Dmitri Rizhuk 42

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