Thursday , May 19 2022

During the weekend in the region of Kiev, 6 people died from hypothermia


During the weekend in the region of Kiev there were 6 fatalities. Of these, 4 people died at the bus station.

About KV it became known messages press service of the state state police in the region of Kiev.

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As stated, death from cold usually causes abuse of alcohol. Alcohol expands blood vessels to the surface of the body and leads to a rapid loss of heat, which prevents vessels from saving internal organs from heat loss. Also, alcoholic beverages can weaken control of the situation, making it difficult to prevent damage.

In addition, hypothermia may occur due to insufficiently warm or moist clothing, close and damp shoes, long standing on the street in a fixed position.

The main symptoms of hypothermia are:

  • pale and skin erosion;

  • weakness in the body;

  • drowsiness;

  • decrease in body temperature.

In case of hypothermia, get into the warm room as quickly as possible; move the limbs to increase blood circulation in freezing vessels, but not too vigorously, so as not to damage the frozen tissue; Drink hot drinks, except alcohol.

It is not recommended to use heaters, stoves or heating fireplaces. The affected areas are losing sensitivity, so you can easily light up.

Remind me meteorological winter I came to Kiev on November 13th. This is 2 weeks earlier than the climate norm.

As it was published KVDuring 5 hours, on November 14, about hundred traffic accidents happened on the roads of Kiev. Police recommend drivers to refrain from traveling on their own cars and respect maneuvering rules and safe distance.

Hgo: In the region of Kiev there were about 100 accidents in 5 hours of snow

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