Friday , February 26 2021

Facebook pays $ 20 to users to spy on them

Facebook pays $ 20 a month for users who "spy" with their consent. These are those that installed the Facebook Research VPN service, which collects data about the virtual activity of a person. This is a question to TechCrunch research.

It turns out that Facebook has been paying users from 13 to 35 years at $ 20 per month to install and use the Facebook Research Facebook service since 2016. It is also paid to attract new customers. In addition to the service data, the company collects screenshots of the history of its orders on the Amazon site of users.

According to Facebook, the Facebook search service is used to collect data on audience preferences and their work will continue.

Experts say the Facebook Facebook service can permanently collect this type of information such as "private messages in social networking and instant messaging applications, including photos and videos that users send to each other, addresses of email, Internet activity and even user location ".

According to TechCrunch, these Facebook actions may be a violation of Apple's policy, which also has a VPN service in its online store. Apple TechCrunch said they know about the situation, but they still will not comment.

Remember, Facebook gave users the time of the closing application to save photos.

We also wrote that journalists learned that Facebook in the United States faces a record of personal data from users.

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