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Forex forecast for 01/30/2019 |

Forecast on instruments: ,,,,,,,, Bitcoin, gold, oil ,,, Sberbank (MCX :), Gazprom (MCX 🙂

In Russian rubric usdrub, the upward correction began to turn, reaching the support levels from 66.15 to 65.90. With regard to brent oil, buyers returned the price to the historic resistance levels of 61.25 to 61.95, which repeatedly beat the price.

In the short term, the US dollar strengthened against most US dollar majors, but in the medium term, commerce took place at historical levels. Buyers of dollar indexes at the bottom of low volatility returned the price of the historical level of support 95.17

According to Jauusd, the price continues to grow without correction after the break of the strong levels of resistance from 1295-1208. According to Btcusd, commerce became a low consolidation of volatility after breaking the historical support level of 3495 down.

Forex detailed forecast of January 30, 2019, see the video. Sincerely, Artem Helium – author of the project "Helium Trading", merchant and partner Gerchik & Co

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