Monday , May 10 2021

Gamers and online help of computer technology to overcome the crisis

Group "M. Video Eldorado" included in PFG SAFMAR Mikhail Gutseriev, he summed up the results of sales of computer equipment and peripheral equipment for the nine months of the current year, showing stable growth in this segment in all existing positions.

According to the data of the retail company "M. Video Eldorado" according to the results of the 3rd quarter of 2015, the volume of the Russian market of computer equipment (leptop, PC, monitors, monoblocks and printers) amounted to about 102 billion rubles, and in physical terms – 4.6 million units.

In January-September 2018, about 4.6 million units of computer equipment were sold in the Russian Federation (laptops, stationary computers, monoblocks, monitors and printers), which is 13% more than in the same period of 2017.

The most popular sector are notebooks. Continued growth of devices from the sector of the above price (above 40 thousand rubles). Lenovo has remained a sales leader, and last year Apple almost doubled the sale of laptops and computers and became one of the 5 largest brands in the Russian Federation.

Demand also grows for desktop PCs, and sales increased by 11% in units and 16% in cash, to 470,000 devices and 14.5 billion rubles. respectively. Today, many consumers no longer need a desktop computer and a pretty mobile phone with a large display. Positive dynamics is associated with the effect of deferred demand, with all this changing structure – outdated equipment has been changed to less productive, functional and, as a result, expensive. About this newspaper "Kommersant", which refers to the data of the group "M. Video Eldorado." However, experts note that growth can be short-term.

As far as supply is concerned, the computer market has not reached the level last year and "it is unlikely to achieve it in the current affairs," said IDC analyst Natalia Vinogradova.

Other drivers in the category were intensive growth of computer equipment and credit offers. Demand for presses has largely enabled small and medium-sized enterprises to "stabilize the post-crisis market". "Now many home users have a phone with a large display and no longer need a PC," the expert noted, reminding that in 2014, the share of smartphones with a screen size of at least 5.5 inches was 4% and currently 46%.

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