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Google Picell 3 now has overheating problems, but service centers will not be able to repair them.


Google Picell 3 now has overheating problems, but service centers will not be able to repair them.

He forums and u Social networks continue to receive complaints job new google pixel 3 and 3 kl. Followed problems with camera, battery, speakers and followed by memories and overheating smartphones.

What happened

Would be According to Google Picell 3 owners, some devices overheat a lot charging. And that's what happens with wireless and with when it is "pikel" Performs and other tasks: for example, video calling, video broadcasting, music playback et cetera

When he warms up A corresponding notification appears on the screen. after a while, in order to avoid breaking or even fire, the smartphone automatically turns off.

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<p>In<span class= Google has not yet Comment on this problem.

What about to fix?

Another problem is related to fix the google pixel 3 i 3 kl. With It was the opposite of the 9to5google magazine reporter whose wife broke her new Kikel 3 Kick. The couple turned Support the google store where they are sent to a certified service center inBreakiFik, with which they have been collaborating for a long time Google.

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<p>Specialists appreciated the replacement of the rear surface of the glass<span class= 110 dollars and took a gadget. But A few days later, it was reported that, while no new pixel parts u Only batteries are available. In UBreakiFik expects parts to appear next weeks (or It's not for sure)

I such a case Unfortunately no single: in networks already have many complaints Google Picell 3 owners who do not they could repair their devices because lack of spare parts or even glue to display the screen hull (yes, it was Such!) Looks like it Google does not counting new "pixels" there will be so much headache.

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