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Heidi Klum, a 45-year-old man, is completely separated for photographing


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum // Photo: Instagram

Heidi Klum fans have long felt that the model does not care. At least, and in her 45 years, she is proud of the ideal figure, which does not need a photocopy.

Recently, the star published a black and white image, which appeared completely naked. Heidi's breasts are covered with hands, and other fans can enjoy the delicious curves of her body.

The courageous Klum experiment is appreciated by its subscribers thanks to: in just one day, the record has collected more than 250,000 wills and received hundreds of commentaries on the lunatic. The model noted that he was pleased with this courageous experiment.

"I'm proud to be part of your incredible project, dear Russell James," said Heidi.

Otherwise, the model has been known to the famous photographer for many years. This is Russell James, who most often takes off the Victoria's Secret show, and Heidi has been co-operating with the underwear brand several times.

As it turns out, Russell James will soon have to publish a book, which will include the most memorable of his work, as well as tips for starting a photographer.

Heidi himself is known in the fashion world for her love for experiments. The star was never shy about showing her figure in her glory, and many fans still find it difficult to believe that Klum is the mother of four children.

According to the model, she does not feel at her age. In the summer, Heidi Klum turned 45, but this does not stop her from getting to know musician Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years younger than the star.

Despite the fact that Heidi has long been considered one of the main sexual symbols of the generation, she is not an alien for experimenting with her appearance, especially on the eve of Halloween. For the darkest year of the year, the star always chooses the most unusual costumes. So this year, she appeared in front of guests of her traditional party on the picture of Princess Fiona from Shrek's cartoon.

Model together with his lover came to the unusual costumes for Halloween

Model together with his lover came to the unusual costumes for Halloween // Photo: Instagram

Now, model lovers are looking forward to the moment when Russell James's literary work is selling. It is possible that current photos of Heidi Klum will allow the book to become a bestseller.

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