Saturday , February 27 2021

How a Ukrainian SUV behaves in an American city (video)

In the US, the Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle Sherp was tested in a city. Video bloggers decided to check if such a device is suitable for everyday use.

How a Ukrainian SUV behaves in an American city (video)

The test was nothing supernatural, but using the ATV involves a bit of habituation. So Sherp got into a MacDrive, but since it has no side doors and the windows only open slightly, the driver had to go out to pick up the order.

There were no special problems in the car wash, but at the gas station I had to play with the hose. It should also be noted that the Sherp is not the fastest and you have to get used to the size.

But the SUV does not notice the curbs and its cargo compartment is wide. You can usually walk around Sherp around town, but with reservations. Although this is not his element.

Overall, watch the video – it was fun and informative. By the way, did you know that American rappers really like the Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle?

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