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how to avoid problems on January 28


The horoscope today, January 28, 2019for all signs of the zodiac.

On Monday this week will be very tense for some signs of the zodiac, in particular, Lviv, Scorpios and Streltsov. They will probably have to face a strong condemnation or misunderstanding of those who surround you. OBOZREVATEL offers the reader more information about the personal horoscope today.

Horoscope on January 28, 2019: how to avoid it today

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The representatives of this sign must deny today their usual image of an impregnable and inviolable character. A horoscope for the beginning of the week promises a productive day, if you radically change the usual stock algorithm.


Horoscope today says Monday will be a day of surprise for Taurus. You will be pleasantly surprised by the person you are not waiting for. And vice versa: those who, as a rule, delecten, may disappoint.


For Gemini, Monday will be a busy day: you will find many interesting people, known to whom you have lost connections. However, this will happen in the afternoon. And in the morning you have to do important things. If you post everything for tomorrow, you may find problems.


Take a look at those around you today. Maybe the people you trust blindly, weave intrigues against you, which in the end can cause totally negative consequences. Stay alert, watch out, as advised by a horoscope for Rakov today.


Representatives of this sign may enter into a rather controversial situation today. It probably provokes a conflict because it does not want to hear the opinions of others. Try to understand the tastes and preferences of your friends, otherwise you are threatened to fall into disarray.


The representatives of this sign are important today to be more agile. If you doubt, you may lose a very important destination signal, which may eventually change the normal course of a service life. Do not miss out on the possibility, the stars say, because if you try to do it, you will become a true leader this week.


Think of your health today: it's not iron and sometimes it can lead to weakness. Recently, the Libra has worked hard, and right now it is not worth doing anything.


Today, good luck is not on your side, Scorpios, so do not take risks and you can not go up. Do not go deliberately into trouble, because then everyone will be rewarded one hundred times. The Tuesday horoscope advises to be smoother this day, otherwise there will be more people on the enemy list.


On Monday, the Strelets troops should be more picked up and restricted than ever: any word you pronounce without thinking can face you. Consider the possibility of taking into account all movements, and the stars will help you get out of any difficult situation in the most favorable light.


Representatives of this zodiac sign say that many are opposed to them, but that is a deception. Your loved ones want to speak with you, because this conversation in particular can put all the points in "i".


Recently, Aquarius feels a persistent feeling of anxiety: the nervous tension stalks daily. However, the stars promise in little time significant changes for the better. Today, the representatives of the sign will also meet a person who has long wanted to talk to you.


For Pisces, the first half of the day will be lost in thought: literally "you will fight with your head" on how to act in a given situation. However, in the evening, you will come to the right decision, to which the protagonists will take you.

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