Friday , August 12 2022

Igor Luchenok died in the Republic of Belarus


At the age of 81, Igor Luchenok, a national artist of the Republic of Belarus and the USSR, died, writing music for the ensemble Sabor.

Belarusian author Igor Luchenok he wrote songs that remain well known today, Komsomolskaia Pravda website reports. Lucenok wrote music in the verses of Belarusian poets Ian Kupala, Jakub Kolas, Makim Bogdanovic, Maksim Tanaka, Arkadi Kuleshov and others.

"A sincere sadness is in our hearts," the musician wrote.

And in early November, he suffered a stroke.

Before the death of a well-known composer, they were hospitalized in a city hospital in Minsk with a stroke. People's Artist of the USSR is the best honey. The workers of this country carried out the operation on November 2nd. Igor Luchenok For many years he worked at the Belarusian conservatory, where he was a rector.

Soul workers then said that re-surgery was not needed. Shutters hoped for the best. "The father's age is already solid," said Andrei Luchenok, composer's son, with the press.

Muzikolog Olga Brilon confirmed the news of the death of a national artist. From 1982 to 1986, he was head of the conservatory. After the Belarusian Conservatory, Luchenok studied at the Leningrad Conservatory under the supervision of the National Artist of the RSFSR, Dr Vadim Salmanov (1912-1978) and graduated from the Moscow National Conservatory under the control of Soviet composer dr Tikhon Khrennikov (1913-2007). Then he studied at the Leningrad Conservatory and graduated at the Moscow National Conservatory. He is the winner of the Lenin Komsomol Prize and the National Prize of Belarus, the special prize of the President of Belarus. Maestro was awarded the Order of Badge of Honor, Friendship of the Peoples, Francis Scarina and became the first Belarusian star whose star was founded at the Star Square in the Russian capital. From his works repertoire of the ensemble Michael Finberg, VIA "Pesniari", "Siabri", "Verasi", "Shpaki" Joseph Kobzon, Sofia Rotaru, Valentina Tolkunova, Maria Pakhomenko, Lev Leschenko, Viktor Vujacic, Eduard Hill and many other artists.

He is known for the songs "Alesia", "The Mai Valtz", "Mi Homeland", "Cranes and Polesie Fli" and many others. Bells on the tower in the Minsk city hall every hour chose a melody from "Song of Minsk" Luchenka.

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