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In the United Kingdom, you can not transfer the 2020 race date


The Silverstone owners of the British Brokerage Club (BRDC) would like to celebrate the British Grand Prix each year at the same dates, so that the race weekend coincides with the first week of Wibldohn, and the race does not coincide with the decisive game of the men's final and the final of the World Cup. cricket BRDC CEO Stuart Pringle discussed this opportunity with the FOM. Liberty Media is about to meet, but warned about possible problems due to the exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union.

Stuart Pringle: "We have told our FOM our preferences. But I understand your concerns about the possible queues to customs next year due to Brexit: if the British Grand Prix will be held a week before and will double with another European race, unwanted risks will arise.

In the spring, I received a letter from the government that informed me that during the first six months or a year after Brexit, any trailer arrived could be on the border for three or four days. In this case, we simply do not have time for a week to build a Formula 1 paddock, so I agreed that between races they should be two weeks and that complicates everything. "

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