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In the upcoming matches you will see something interesting –


Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky said that it is important for the national team to quickly absorb new information from the coaching staff.

Руслан Малиновский, photo: FFU

Руслан Малиновский, photo: FFU
November 13, 2018 23:42

Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky noted that tactical innovations should be expected in the national team competition.

"Little theory was, Andrei Nikolaievich showed some new moments. In the next game you will see something interesting," said Malinovsky.

"We need to adjust now, carefully absorb information like sponge. I think there will be plenty of information these days, and we should understand and shift everything from the field training process as soon as possible."

The Ukrainian team will play their next match on Thursday, October 16, against Slovakia in the League of Nations.

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