Wednesday , August 4 2021

Lady Dimitrescu’s figurine has been announced for $ 63,000: it can be undressed Games

Harem Studio has partnered with River Studio to unveil a limited edition statue of Lady Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village. According to the creators, it can be completely stripped.

The height of the exclusive figurine is 71 cm, width – 52 cm. The base has an integrated LED backlight that illuminates the candles at the vampire’s feet. The statuette can be purchased for $ 850 (approximately .000 63,000). However, not everyone can buy it: according to the description, the authors plan to publish only 199 such figures worldwide.

Earlier, Capcom’s Japanese division announced a raffle, in which the prize was a full-size towel with Lady Dimitrescu. You can win the product by sharing your impressions of the demo version of the game.

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