Thursday , August 5 2021

Lorak explained the rupture of relations with Yuri Thales

Boris Korchevnikov’s new interlocutor on his show “The Fate of a Man,” singer Ani Lorak, spoke of his first serious relationship and the beginning of his career. And that happened with the singer at the same time.

After winning the 1992 Primrose competition, a serious man approached Ani and offered to work. It was producer Yuri Thales, who not only promoted the room, but also cared, so it won Lorak’s human sympathy.

“He became my friend. He brought us potatoes in sacks. He gave the jacket when it was cold. No one has ever shown me these warning signs. I liked everything, of course. I signed a ten year contract. According to him, I couldn’t get married and have children until I was 25, ”says the singer.

Over time, the feeling of gratitude became something more. The producer managed to fill the singer’s whole soul, even protecting her from friends, which Lorak didn’t really like. The star was forced to think about the relationship with the producer when Thales forced her to go on stage with a sore throat.

“He said that I am an artist and that I have to get together. And I wondered if he loved me as a person. Or simply as an artist. I was just an object of making money, ”says Lorak.

By the way, a few days ago an interview was published with Yuri Thales, in which he, in particular, explained how the young Ani Lorak conquered him. According to him, the producer was surprised by the efficiency of the aspiring star and his modesty.

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