Sunday , April 11 2021

Loss of Tesla's millionaire, Subaru Legacy Theater and other automotive event – Autoreview

Tesla reported on the results of the fourth quarter and 2018. For the first time in the history of the company, a profit was obtained in two consecutive quarters: the last three months of the year brought 139.4 million profits Net compared to 311.5 million dollars in the third quarter. However, at the end of the year, the company again had a loss of close to one billion: 976 million dollars. However, this is twice as good as the two billion losses of 2017. Ilon Musk, with its characteristic optimism, states that since now, Tesla will be profitable in each quarter.

German rally pilot Walter Röhrl Presented at the symbolic Hall of Fame of the International Federation of Sports Motors (FIA): the ceremony was held in Paris on January 30. In the Hall of Fame, Röhl, 71, became the first rally pilot and the first motorcycling champion to qualify for the World Formula 1 title. He has four wins in the Hall of Fame Ral • li Monte Carlo and two first places in the final classification of the Rally World Championship. Since 1993, Walter Röhl has been an ambassador of the Porsche brand.

Scottish company based in Falkirk Campers Scotland Has prepared a peasant off the road based on a minibus Mitsubishi Delica D: 5 for the Japanese market: the benefit of leftist traffic in both countries avoids a costly transfer of direction. However, the Scots provided Delica with a high suspension, differential locks, an elevator roof that formed the double bed, a kitchen stove and a solar battery. The price of the camper is 28 thousand pounds, approximately one and a half times cheaper than a similar model of Volkswagen California. The first public display of the car will take place on February 7 at the Glasgow auto show.

German rental companies Hertz 120 foreigners have arrived Unlimited Jeep Wrangler Made by the Sahara. All cars are equipped with a 200-spoke turbodiesel and transmission with reduction gear. Last year, in Germany, 2300 Wranglers of the new generation were sold, 90% more than in 2017.

A sedan will be presented at the opening of the Chicago Auto Show in a week Legacy of Subaru new generation The American office of the company confirmed the date of debut and published the first teasers. The outside image does not promise anything out of the ordinary, but the inner snapshot has intrigued: the sedan will have a vertical tablet on the Volvo. Details – soon!

Chinese Cheap Siencia Kia Pegas, based on the previous generation, Rio is developing new markets. In the autumn, cars began to be delivered to Egypt, and now this model has been released in the Philippines under the name Kia sutoto. The sedan with a 1.4-horsepower engine (95 hp) has simple equipment and costs from $ 12,000, although in China the Pegas base estimates at $ 7500.

Iran presents the first electric car of its own design: sedan Saipa Saina EV Manufactured with a standard Saina four-door 4.2 m long. It is equipped with an electric motor of 90 CV and a battery of 28 kW ∙ h, located under the rear sofa. The mileage indicated with a single charge is 200 km, the recharging of a home network takes four hours, the maximum speed is 130 km / h, acceleration at "one hundred" lasts for 12-13 seconds . While this is just an experimental sample, mass production is not planned.

And in Germany, celebrating the 40th anniversary Volkswagen Golf convertible. The production of the first open golf generation began on February 14, 1979 in Karmann, Lower Saxony Osnabrück, although the first prototypes (in the image) appeared three years earlier. On the occasion of the anniversary, Volkswagen has prepared a commemorative exhibition that visitors can see at the inauguration of the Bremen automatic show on February 1. By the way, in the current range of the company there is no Cabriolet Golf model: production was suspended in 2016.

We also talk about the Chevrolet Corvette Final Edition coupé, the future Volkswagen electric car, the start of Toyota Corolla sedans production for Europe and Russia, as well as the current Mercedes-Benz V-class minivan .

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