Monday , January 17 2022

Microsoft talked about the accessibility features of the Xbox. Halo Infinite and other games will be more accessible


Microsoft talked about how it makes games more accessible. Several innovations were announced. The developers of Halo Infinite introduce options that make the game more inclusive and representative

Microsoft caters to the special needs of gamers around the world. Xbox owners are offered several features that greatly increase the availability of games.

New Microsoft Store accessibility tags on Xbox:

Buyers were often asked the question, “How do I understand what projects I have available?” With accessibility tags (formerly known as accessibility metadata tags) in the Microsoft Store on Xbox, the search will be a little easier. For each project, the store page will display a list of accessibility options.

Accessibility game tags are currently available to members of the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League (XAIL). The tags will cover a list of 20 commonly requested accessibility features highlighted through community research and discussion: subtitle settings, input remapping, full keyboard compatibility, and the ability to use a single joystick.

They will monitor the quality. For example, the “Subtitle Settings” label for developers will not only need to match the font size, but will also add the ability to increase the subtitle size by 200%.

Additional accessibility tags may be added in the future.

Halo Infinite developers from 343 industries have presented accessibility options:

Inclusion is an important part of Halo Infinite, so the following features will appear on the day of the premiere: December 8, 2021.

  • Subtitle settings: Change the font size and background opacity
  • Enabling the color distribution of replicas in dialogs.
  • The ability to select captions for all dialogs or only for dialogs that are important to the main campaign plot.
  • Menu and UI font size settings
  • Voiceover for customizable speed menus for screen readers
  • Linear navigation mode, which allows you to navigate the user interface without having to see the location of the on-screen buttons to access it
  • The ability to change the colors of allies and enemies to other than standard red and blue.
  • Advanced user interface settings, including HUD (front screen) and grid opacity, which make it easy to recognize information on the screen.
  • Text-to-speech and voice-to-text translation for those who want to participate in voice chat and receive synthesized voice messages instead of text or synthesized text messages instead of audio.
  • Controller, keyboard, and mouse control settings
  • A new motion aid steering feature that will allow players to use additional controls to control the vehicle instead of the classic “gaze control” mechanic.
  • To increase the representation, players will be offered prosthesis options in the Spartan configuration.

Accessibility Spotlight update and new accessibility features:

The Ease of Access section of the menu has been renamed Accessibility to make it easier to find the accessibility features available on the console. A new Accessibility Spotlight page has been added to the Microsoft Store on Xbox, highlighting games with accessibility tags approved by the gaming and disability community and / or showing innovative accessibility features.

The following accessibility features will arrive on Xbox soon:

  • “Quick Setup” to make it easier to customize project accessibility, you can set up accessibility without leaving the game. Depending on the user, it will be possible to quickly change the configuration mode.
  • Updated and improved color filters will arrive on Xbox Series X | S in October.
  • Night screen mode.
  • Globalization of text-to-speech and text-to-speech chat.

Microsoft is committed to meeting the special needs of gamers around the world and making games more accessible. For developers, the company is offering a new free MSLearn course on Fundamentals of Accessibility.

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