Saturday , August 13 2022

"Mira desagradable": MARUV angry fans with his performance in Moscow (PHOTOS)


The Ukrainian singer MARUV, the winner of the national team for Eurovision-2019, appeared with a French show in Moscow, which provoked an outrage on the users of the network.

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On his personal Instagram page, the artist published a series of photographs of the Izvestia-Hall club in Moscow, where he performed on April 6.

"Photos of a great live show in Moscow," said the artist on the images.

The singer's place provoked an ambiguous reaction from his followers. There are many reviews in the comments because of the decision by MARUV to make money in the capital of the aggressive country.

"Phew, it seems repugnant. And I still supported you in half of the country." "Do not deserve Ukraine", "there and stay there" "Well, in Moscow you will always be welcome, especially after the selection National. Maybe you should stay there forever? ", they said under the singer's images.

We recall that the singer Maruv explains the requirements that the organizers of the pilot's concerts pose. In the end it turned out that it did not use a series of products, including meat and fish.

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