Monday , September 26 2022

Mitsubishi introduced the new version of the L200


Mitsubishi introduced the new version of the L200Inside, there are new seats and another dashboard.

Mitsubishi introduced the revamped version of the L200 at a special event in Bancok (Thailand). The sale of new products on the local market starts on November 17 this year, reports, citing

Outside of the pickup was made in accordance with the further development of the corporate brand of the Japanese brand – Dinamic Shield. Frankly, the front end of the car is similar to the new generation of the Pajero Sport SUV. The Pickup has received extended carts, new bumpers, modified optics and many chrome-plated parts.

Inside, there are new seats and another dashboard. The driver has access to deadlock monitoring system, parking assist and collision avoidance. Using the Multi Around Monitor, you can see a picture of a car area from a bird's eye view.

The updated L200 comes with an upgraded Super Select system on all wheels. There are various off-road modes available to the driver: "pebbles", "mud / snow", "sand", "mountain terrain". The off-road mode simultaneously adjusts the engine, transmission and brake forces to prevent wheels from turning.

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Also, the restilled model received a new six-speed automatic transmission instead of the former five-seater. The pick-up is equipped with an upgraded braking system with larger discs, as well as new shock absorbers. The company has promised that thanks to these changes it is possible to significantly improve the driving characteristics of the car. The ignition range did not change.

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