Wednesday , August 4 2021

Mother Koroleva in an embroidered Ukrainian shirt began to dance with her students

Right now Lyudmila Poryvai is visiting Kiev.

Lyudmila Poryvay. Photo: global-looking press

Natasha Koroleva’s mother, Lyudmila Poryvai, is known by many as the former Channel One presenter, where she worked on the program Time to Dinner !, and also as a cheerful and optimistic blogger.

However, this cheerful lady has a more serious creativity behind her shoulders. In Ukraine, where the singer’s parents used to live, she received the status of Honorary Culture Worker of the Ukrainian SSR and Honorary Artist of Ukraine. Here she worked as director of the Svetoch choir and as a teacher at the conservatory. Lyudmila Poryvai now lives in Miami with her husband, businessman Igor Elperin, but often visits her daughters.

Earlier, the presenter pointed to Moscow with the youngest heiress, and now decided to stay with the eldest daughter Irina Osaulenko in Kiev. Here Lyudmila Poryvai’s former students gave her a luxurious national-style reception. Party guests dressed in embroidered Ukrainian shirts, tasted local dishes and drinks and remembered the past. Not without songs and dances.

Hearing her favorite national music, Natasha Koroleva’s mother started dancing and became a real star of the night.

“Meet me in 30 summers for my students! Now they are honorable artists: the pride of Ukraine! “- signed the holiday pictures, posted on his personal blog, Lyudmila Poryvai.

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