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New Year 2019: which clothing will make the holiday unforgettable and will attract success


It comes to the most beautiful and long-awaited annual vacation in the year. For about two months and the world will celebrate New in 2019. Many women in fashion are already thinking about what to train and which accessories to choose from. For most women this is a real challenge, because you have to decide what to wear on a holiday to attract happiness and success in your life. Clutch says.

We will show you what kind of clothes to be a star of the holidays and attract happiness all year round.

So, according to the eastern calendar next year, it will be held under the patronage of the Yellow Earth Pig. Of course, everyone is waiting for positive changes in life, because the main animal of the year has a calm and friendly mood.

Pigs are funny, cheerful and very sensible. Under the influence of all these signs, next year promises to be very successful and fruitful. Many are waiting for new projects, love relationships and incredible events that will change life for the better.

Fashion stylists are not in a standstill and have prepared several recommendations on how to celebrate the New Year 2019.

In order to make the yellow pig years successful, in your dress for New Year's Eve, colors and nuances such as yellow or lemon, brown and beige, red or blue, gold and black should prevail. Choose by mood and personal preferences.

In addition, stylists recommend that they prefer a dress. Style can be any, the main thing that was ideally on the figure. If you want to make a more romantic picture, then choose flying silhouettes, and if you want to look presentable and leave the impression of a tight ladies, pay attention to more direct silhouettes with an emphasis on the waist.

The skirt + blues option is also welcome, just in this case, give preference to more elegant options. These are puffy skirts in combination with lighter blouses.

Pants, on which you can choose several fashion accessories, will be very popular. These are jewelry, scarves or unusual shoes.

Recall these tips to help you change your thinking and improve your life.

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