Thursday , July 7 2022

Nikityuk made a new bathing suit


Lesya Nikityuk danced with a green swimsuit with an original print on the reptile, one of many of her background. The Taliban addressed the hot topic of bodypositive. The TV presenter admitted that he does not adhere to the diet, sometimes it is allowed to drink and can not be exercised regularly.

"47th bathing suit! I love them !! And on my figure, I will also worship him, someone will say that my stomach is not pumped, no *. I work hard and after the dance I do not do sports at all – I do not have time! They are all just bread, fat and sweets! Be very … not always just water, "commented Nikityuk in his playful picture.

"Do not think how you are," he concluded.

The subscribers pointed out in the comments that Lesya has a pretty and feminine figure. And the steel press does not need it, right?

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