Tuesday , May 18 2021

Poroshenko ordered to turn on the heating in Smila for several hours / GORDON

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that during the day the responsible persons must issue all necessary documents in order to guarantee the warming of the city Smile from the Cherkassy region.

On November 15 in Kiev, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting of the State Commission for the Prevention of Emergency in Smela Cherkasy due to a lack of heat supply, he said it was sent to include warming in the city within a few hours, a correspondent for published publications "GORDON".

"If someone in Smela or even in Kiev can not make a decision and is afraid to break the seal, then I accept this decision. Immediately give people gas and heat." Under my responsibility, "Poroshenko said.

The president added that during the day the responsible persons must fill in all necessary documents.

"If the local government prevents the registration of documents, then we have the Verkhovna Rada, which can determine early elections for the mayor or the city council. I'll give you a few hours – I, as president, have to report that heat is working, "he stressed.

Poroshenko added that he expects the police reaction to disrupt the heating season in the city.

There is still no heating in Smela, schools are not working from November 12th. Utility company Smelakommunenergo still does not supply heat to the homes of citizens due to lack of funds for gas purchase and unsolved disputes over debts.

In "Naftogazima" they notice that the reason for the lack of heat is the "inactivity of local governments and suppliers of heat".

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