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Regina Todorenko reveals the secret of an ideal marriage – Regina Todorenko – Vlad Topalov


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TV host acknowledges that her parents gave her a good advice

Ukrainian TV host and star Eagle and Reshki Regina Todorenko shared with subscribers the secret of her relationship with singer Vlad Topalov. She posted the appropriate recognition on her Instagram page.

"Boys, and share the secret of your relationship? What should I do to save love for many years? My mom says:" If you have any questions, negotiate and never close the door! "Daddy thinks: sharp sharp corners," she said.

Please note that the presenter has shared a photo with his fiancé – Vlad Topalov.

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Recall, the Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko, who is in her ninth month of pregnancy, and her lover Vlada Topalova, were named "Couple Years" at the award "Woman of the Year" of the Glamor magazine.

Earlier it became known when Todorenko was waiting. It turns out that these guys were expecting a son and even his name appeared.

Keep in mind that in the new "The Coast" model, Mak Barski returns mode to the '80s.

Video: RBC-Ukraine

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