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Rumors: details of the next part of Grand Theft Auto 6 – Blogs


Few hours later There are details of the next part of GTA. We think that this is another set of rumors, so that with some skepticism, we are discussing the new facts about Grand Theft Auto 6.

JackOLantern1982 (author of rumors): I have a couple of trusted friends who have worked for Kotaku and Pcgamer. They gave me this information. I also have a dear friend working on Rockstar Games. It will not confirm and will not deny the details of the leak. When I spoke, he laughed and said: "You know, I can not speak, brother" …

Details (rumors) about the next Grand Theft Auto as of June 30, 2019

  • The development of the next part of GTA began in 2012 (one year before the release of GTA 5). Active production began in mid-2015. Rockstar focused on making Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • All Rockstar Games studios are working on GTA 6.
  • The code name of GTA 6 is the "Project of the Americas".
  • The events will take place in Vice City and the new city based in Rio de Janeiro, with some linear missions in Liberty City. Jobs will not be in an open world, but, for example, like Karl Johnson's flight to the Liberty City winter in a mission to GTA: SA.
  • The game balances between realism and arcade. It will not be as realistic as RDR2.
  • The events will evolve between the seventies and eighties of the last century.
  • He plays like a narcotics of beginners called Ricardo. Another key character will be Casey. You will start as a small drug smuggler, who will transport goods from Vice City to a new South American region, where there will be several cities. There will also be a huge jail, which will play its role in the game.
  • The narratives are divided into "CAPITOLS", such as Tarantino or RDR2 films.
  • Time will give surprises. Hurricanes, floods, etc.
  • Buildings and vehicles will change over time. Therefore, rare classic cars are becoming more expensive. Full economy
  • The game is inspired by the television series Neftlix "Deft".
  • The game will be a fantastic soundtrack 70-80 years of the last century.
  • In the next GTA, a young Martin Madrazo will appear, like his father, at that time was a great drug trafficking. Complete several missions for the Madrazo family, including attacks against rival gangs.
  • Creating a drug empire is a mechanism similar to that used in the GTA: Vice City Stories, but much more elaborate. Multiply your business to GTA Online before ten o'clock and get a new system of the criminal impact.
  • You will only have the weapon you carry on your hands. There will no longer be a complete arsenal in the back pocket of the pants. Remember how it went to Max Payne 3 and RDR2.
  • Your personal vehicle will store all the equipment and weapons. Like a horse riding chair at RDR2. There will also be a non-slip vest.
  • You are expecting tons of subtitles. Because the characters speak their native languages. If you are in South America, do not wait to hear English.
  • There will also be issues related to HIV, the immigration crisis of the time. There will be a fictitious image of Fidel Castro.
  • The game will only appear on the next generation consoles. Not the PS4 / XB1.
  • Rockstar focuses on GTA and another game (probably Bully 2).
  • The game is still in the pre-alpha phase, so it's likely that the names, locations, and details are modified.
  • Grand Theft Auto 6 has no release date yet.

Although this is all the information, but if you like, you can contact the author of the rumors. Maybe he will share the new details of GTA 6.

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