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Russian football team in Leipzig extends series without win in matches with Germany – Sport


LEIPZIG / Germany /, November 16. / Tass /. The players of the Russian national team lost in a friendly match, held in Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena, a German team with a score of 0: 3. The meeting, which became the sixth in the face of two teams, did not bring victory to Russian players again, which is why now a draw and five defeats.

For the first time, the teams met in September 1994 in a friendly match held in Moscow, when the Russian team lost 0: 1. Two years later, in the group stage of the 1996 European Championship, Russian football players were again defeated – 0 : 3. The next match between Russia and Germany was held in Monchengladbach in 2005 and ended with draw (2: 2). The teams also met in the qualifying round for the 2010 World Cup. The German players then defeated both matches (2: 1, 1: 0).

Both national teams have joined the upcoming meeting with serious employee losses. In the Russian team there are missing injured bats Denis Cherishev ("Valencia"), Alexander Golovin ("Monaco"), Ilzat Akhmetov (CSKA), as well as defense counsel Mario Fernandez (CSKA) and attacker Artem Dziub ("Zenith") in Moscow. In the starting form of the German national team, there was no injured striker Schalke Mark Uth, midfielder Toni Kroos (Real), Marco Roice ("Borussia Dortmund") and Julian Drakler (PSG) who, due to their family circumstances, left the team two days before the game.

The first half started with the active pressure of the German national team, who wore fruit in the eighth minute. After midfield transfer Bayern Munich Serge Gnabri, the first goal against the Russian team was sent by the midfielder Manchester City Leroi Sane. At 25 minutes, defender of the German national team, Niklas Sule, took advantage of Russian defender Roman Neustedter's corner. Another 15 minutes one by one with the goalkeeper Andrew Lunev used Gnabri, setting the final result – 0: 3 in favor of the German team.

In the second half, Russian players added pressure, but they could not return to the match and equalize the result. In the second half of the meeting, he remembered a large number of substitutions on both sides, a yellow card of Alexander Erokhin, as well as an incident in the 89th minute when the match was suspended due to fans running on the field.

It was not possible to get into the game from the first minutes

Commenting on the defeat, the head coach of the Russian national team, Stanislav Chercesov, emphasized that his players are not ready for the first minute of the match. "The Germans started to be more aggressive, they were obviously angry at the recent unsuccessful results, I can not say that we came out exceptionally, but too calm. The speeds offered to us in the beginning have led us to danger, which is why world champions are a German team, we, "said Cherchov.

German coach Joachim Lov at the press conference after the match, despite winning, was not pleased with the poor taking of free-field zones with his players. "The result of the meeting was not the most important: the first half was very good in quality, in the second half we can record a fall in dynamics and a low occupancy of free zones. We have young players, but we can say with certainty that after the first half the result of the outcome is predetermined" – he warned Lev.

Defender of the Russian national team, Roman Neustedter, who summed up the match, said that the Russian players made many bad decisions in the game against the Germans. "We were ready for today's game, but something failed, they made the wrong decisions, and when they were reorganized, it was too late. This match is history, we have to forget, prepare for the match against Sweden in the League of Nations and borrow first place in the group has, "Neushtedter told reporters.

Ariy Debit and Rausch Incident

As a part of the Russian national team, the first match was held by a relative from Brazil, Ari, who received a Russian passport at the end of July this year. For the sake of success, the challenge to the Russian team became the first in his career.

Cherchov, commenting on the debut of the newly-formed national team, noticed that the player had a good match, but sometimes he failed.

"Ari took the ball, tried to change it with his relatives, but we managed them poorly, tried to install it, but he did not succeed. As far as Dziube is concerned, we will wait for the report of our doctors, under whose supervision we are trained – two different things, and if there is a risk, then we will not touch it, "said Cherchov.

During the match, defense attorney of the Russian national team, Konstantin Raus, who served in the corner, began to throw paper from the stadium's stand. A football player who responded to a journalist's question about the incident said that he did not see a global problem in that situation. "I knew what could be that. It's okay," said Rausch.

The family of the future defense attorney emigrated to Germany when he was six years old. He spent most of his football career there and played for teams of all ages. 2018. Rausch moved to Dinamo Moscow.

Drum work

Russian national team suffered their first defeat in July 2018. Then, in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the Russians lost their Croats in penalties. And this meeting was the first since June this year, lost with a great rating. In the group stage of the World Cup, Russian players lost in Uruguay – 0: 3.

The Acting President of the Russian Football Federation (RFU) Aleksandar Alaev, in an interview with the TASS correspondent, said that this match will enable us to draw conclusions and work on the mistakes. "The first half turned out to be unsuccessful, we will draw conclusions and work on mistakes, it was a very good experience for our new players. Before the important match with Sweden, I'm sure that we are first in the group in the League of Nations," he said. Alaev.

The next match will be held by a Russian national in the League of Nations. November 20, Stanislav Chercesov will play against the Swedish team.

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