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Signs of zodiac horoscope compatibility / new time


There is a whole branch of astrology specialized in the compatibility of different signs of the zodiac. After analyzing the elements that are partners, you can conclude about the future of the union.

The compatibility of signs of the zodiac is an important aspect of building relationships. In some cultures of the world, such as Hinduism, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are necessarily studied before marriage, and only in the case of a favorable astrological prediction will the wedding be scheduled. In another case, the most modern traditions do not exist, but interest for Horoscopes is not yet lost.

Signs of the zodiac: compatibility to create a family

To enter into marriage, the representatives of the related elements combine better: water and land, fire and air. As a general rule, sympathy arises instantaneously between the representatives of these elements. Cancer and virgin, twins and lion, taurus and fish are rapidly approaching, and then their feelings only become stronger. In these partnerships, partners are complemented. In short, this is the best combination to create strong family ties.

Compatibility of zodiac signs for friendship

It is likely that there is a strong friendship between representatives of an element. The stairs stay well with Aquarius, lions easily find common ground with Sagittarius and cancers with Escorpis. These combinations are marked by respect and harmony, as well as by common interests. In this case, over time, friendship can become a relationship of love.

Horoscope for sexual compatibility

The most controversial and interesting can be called a combination of representatives of unrelated elements. It's the water and the fire, the land and the air. Between Capricorn and Libra or Aries and Pisces a strong attraction can arise, and then you can forget about peace. Your relationship will be accompanied by disagreements on the most insignificant occasion, from tumultuous disputes, as well as from passionate reconciliation. But, if you wish, this union can last a long time, you just have to learn to find a compromise, and also put the interests of a partner above your own.

We remind you that the second half of 2019 is the perfect time to meet and talk. Aries, lions and fish have good opportunities to create solid relationships, the most important thing is to be open to new things.

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