Saturday , May 8 2021

Sonya Plakidyuk of “Super Top Model in Ukrainian” lifted the dress seductively with her legs in stockings: “Queen of Passion”

Famous photographer Sonya Plakidyuk, star of the show “Super Top Model in Ukrainian”, was shown in a spicy way

According to, Sonia Plakidyuk posted a new image on her Instagram, in which she appeared with a languid attitude, exciting the imagination of fans. The model lifted her dress and lit up the stockings she was wearing on the couch.

Sonya Plakidyuk became very popular after participating in the project “Super Top Model in Ukrainian”. As it turned out, the photographer has something to show and the images Sonya shows are full of amazing energy.

The stunning beauty immediately won the heart with provocative photos, which she gladly posts on Instagram. And the army of thousands of fans is delighted to comment and like the amazing images of the girl.

In her post, the model wrote that her childhood love was stockings, and that this photo is propaganda for stockings.

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Fans didn’t miss the opportunity to leave many comments on Sonya’s photos.

“painted🤫”, “She lay down to rest like this”, “This is very good! Sonya Vaja”, “As always wonderful😍”, “Ugh … Hot🔥🔥🔥🔥”, “Yaka garna soul! 😍 😂 “Sonya, this is a provocation of pure water, it is clearly outlawed 😍”, “what you do and the desires you provoke, queen of passion,” fans commented.

Recall that Plakidyuk of “Super Top Model in Ukrainian” hit with the size of the neckline on the corset, pulling the ears of Playboy: “Hurray.”

As reported Politeka, curvy Plakidyuk of “Super Top Model in Ukrainian” in a corset and stockings starred in a provocation: “God, what …”.

Politeka also wrote that Plakidyuk of “Super Top Model in Ukrainian” in stockings over garters lifted her skirt, instantly spring: “She’s fed up with this …”.

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