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Supore over ambulance: You can call doctors at home at a temperature of at least 40 degrees


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If the situation is not an emergency, but medical help is needed, there is only one option.

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Suprun explained to what temperature you can now call an ambulance




If the situation is not an emergency, but medical assistance is needed, there is only one option.

The ambulance in Ukraine will not come today for high temperatureIf you do not "bounce" up to 40 degrees. The fever will now be overthrown by family doctors, with whom they will now be contacted.

This was explained in an interview with Radio Liberty. Minister of Health Uliana Suprun.

According to her, in the first place, if there is a temperature, you must call your doctor and the ambulance will only arrive to provide emergency medical attention.

"It is when there is a temperature of more than 40 degrees, or when there is a pain in the heart, or a respiratory problem, etc. Since once the ambulance provided primary care services, It would not continue. Sometimes it is very correct that dispatches refer to family doctors or emergency services. "Suprun said

Acting The head of the Ministry of Health explained that it was necessary to call number 103 in case of emergency, and when the cold and the temperature were lower than 40 degrees – to the family doctor and decide with him what more medical care could offer yourself

Previously, the Ministry of Health, in relation to the approval of the Procedure for the provision of primary health care, explained If the doctors will call the patient. The ministry said that the doctor would have the opportunity to call the patient again and discuss his problem with him, as well as to accept the visit's moment.

We also wrote this Ukraine launched a unique system for "emergency". Start a pilot project that combines operational shipping services. They promise that the brigade will arrive faster, thanks to the innovations, the ambulance will arrive instead of the current 16-20 minutes in 9-12 minutes.

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