Saturday , August 13 2022

The Chrome browser will punish pages for annoying ads


Google Chrome will fight boring ads and phishing, rather radical methods. Brovser, which occupies more than half the market, will completely block all commercials on the site, which will be revealed in the use of such tools. As promised on Google, the new scheme will run next month with the release of the 71 version of Chrome.

The system will work like this: users will be able to complain to a company on a site using one of the restrictions that are subject to restrictions – fake ads, those that represent system messages, invisible buttons, this is when you click on an empty site on the page and immediately opens new site, easy automatic redirecting to other sites, phishing and other malicious or advare.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the owners will be given 30 days to correct the situation and if they do not change anything, they will wait for the blocking of all the ads on the page until the problem is resolved. Details – in news.

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