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The former head of the "CEC DPR" Lyagin arrest arrested outside the Crimea – SBU

According to reports, it was suspected that the former head of the "CEC of the DPR", detained by the Ukrainian officers of the order, Roman Lyagin, was subjected to the treason's article and was arrested, said the Security Service of Ukraine.

After a special operation, the law enforcement officers Ukrainians arrested the former head of the "Central Electoral Commission of the DPR", Roman Lyagin. On this June 14 reported to the SBU.

"As a result of a series of measures, the personnel of the Security Service of Ukraine implemented an operational combination of the former head of the Central Electoral Commission and the former Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the organization DPR terrorist for the removal of Crimean territory annexed by the Russian Federation, "the report said.

The SBU noted that the detainee had already been informed of the suspicion about the high treason article and chose a preventive measure in the form of detention.

At the end of 2013, Lyagin appeared on the shares of Euromaidan in Donetsk. In February 2014, unknown people were beaten in the center of Donetsk, which, according to eyewitnesses, had Sant Jordi tapes on their sleeves.

He joined the separatists of Donetsk in April, because, he said, "he felt responsible for his native region."

He was an active participant in the "Russian Spring" in Donetsk. On May 11, 2014, Lyagin announced the results of the false referendum "on self-determination of the DPR" less than three hours after the closure of voting centers.

In September 2014, the separatist led the "Central Electoral Commission of the DPR", until September 26, he was "Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the DPR". In April 2016, Lyagin, due to a conflict with the terrorist leader "DPR", Alexander Zakharchenko, was fired and detained by the militants. Later he was released and left in Russia.

In 2017, Lyagin wrote to the social networks: "I am the referendum organizer and responsible for the interruption of the 2014 Ukrainian elections. He did what he did, by conviction, sincere and with full dedication! Because he believed In Russia, we would not give up. But she Thousands of people sacrificed as cattle for television images. Donbas was not meant to make the Crimean way! We were betrayed and sold! … Russia, we imagined, no, but maybe it never was. normal life, the resumption of work by companies inevitably returns to the UK Donbass is Ukraine "

On June 14, 2019, Ukraine's Attorney General, Yury Lutsenko, reported that Lyagin was detained by Ukrainian police officers.

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