Sunday , October 2 2022

The legendary screenwriter Villiam Goldman – Rossiyskaya Gazeta died


In the year 87, Villiam Goldman died, reports Rok. Perhaps the most legendary screenwriter in the history of the new Hollywood.

He won two Oscars, a popular novel, a memoir, a film theorist, and one of the most sought-after scriptwriters. Every other contemporary director has a story of a meeting with Goldman, every third has experience in working with the legend. It's enough to remember Oscar stories for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Villiam Goldman came to Hollywood quite late. The writer was already 32 years old when the handwriting of his fifth novel fell into the hands of actor Cliff Robertson – and he hired the debut to write the adaptation of "Flowers for Algernon."

Nevertheless, the first Goldman scenario – a film adaptation of the detective novel by Ross MacDonald's "Harper" – was held in the role of Paul Nevman only two years later, in 1966. Three years later, Goldman received a $ 400,000 prize for the original scenography for the movie "Butch Cassids and Sundance Kid", Goldman, and a little later, Oscar. His second statue was made in 1977 by the political thriller "All Kings of the People".

But still the most famous work in Goldman's career was ten years later, the famous princess of the princess, which was known for quotes, was taken from her novel.

In the backstages of the late scriptwriter, there are some twenty famous paintings (Marathon Runner, Hot Pebble, Misery, Chaplin, Maverick, Dolores Kleiburn, Dream Catcher, Hearts and Atlantis, etc.), as well as more than a dozen projects where he is called as a consultant and screenwriter is able to correct and get familiar with any text ("Clever Vill Hunting", "Last movie character", "Tvins", "Indecent Proposal" etc.).

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