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"The miner behaves aggressively and uses prohibited methods." Ishchenko – in competition for young players

According to Alexander Ischenko, with the transfer of Shakhtar in Kiev among them and the Donetsk club began a serious competition for young players. The head of the high school recalled that when the miners were in Donetsk, Dynamo did not even consider players from the eastern region.

"Players choose all the time [между Динамо и Шахтером]. I can tell you this: Miner's explorers not only get their money. But we do not sleep either. The parents of soccer players also managed to draw conclusions. Now they bring us a player. Train 3-5 days. We believe that it is with us. But at night, they can pick it up and bring it to Shakhtar, "Ischenko said in an interview with

"As you know that the player is training with us, the bets will increase. We do not use these methods. If a player begins to behave in this way at the beginning of his soccer career, I do not believe That will contribute to its development. If I say that my dream is to play in this club, I have to answer for the words. "

Ishchenko made it clear that the financial criterion also plays an important role in the largest selection of young football players. To a large extent because of this, players prefer the option with the Miner.

"Do not forget that the financial problem was, it is and will be. And today we understand the financial situation of those parents who, by this criterion, choose Shakhtar. Yes, when Shakhtar was at home, the entire eastern region was below the # 39; he ".

"We do not even consider players from the Mariupol, Lugansk or Donetsk region. Because we have understood that this is the territory of the Donetsk Miner and there it manages this process completely. As a result, we have focused on central and western Ukraine. Today, everything has changed. We are close. The miner behaves aggressively and uses prohibited methods that are unacceptable to us. "

As an example of "prohibited methods" spoken by Ischenko: the departure of two Dynamo coaches in Shakhtar. And it took place next day after a conversation with him.

"We remember the departure of two Dynamo coaches. They even managed to convince me, because I invited them here. These are the old players of the youth team: Samborsky and Sytnik. Then I received the complete program."

"They convinced me that they were going to work in the League team to make money, as they said. But when we had a meeting with them in Maydan Nezalezhnosti on Thursday, and on Friday they were already presented to the # 39; Another team, it is clear that this process was not conducted from Thursday to Friday. So, Thursday, they discussed all the moments with Shakhtar. "

Earlier, an attack on the miners side was made by the head coach of the Dynamo Alexander Khatskevich. According to him, the Kiev club does not pay 5-6 million euros for players 19 years of age in Israel, suggesting the recent transition from Manor Solomon.

In January, Miner also signed a 17 year old student from the Carpathians, Daniel Sikan. According to journalist Konstantin Andriyuk, 150 thousand euros were paid by the player in Lviv.

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