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The price of heating in Kiev may increase by a third


The price of heating in Kiev may increase by a third


Heating prices should change in December and January

Kiivteploenergo announced for public discussion a draft re-calculation of tariffs for its services.

Municipal users Kiivteploenergo suggests from December 1 to increase tariffs for heat production at CHP by 32% for the population – up to 1038 UAH 80 kopecks / Gcal, and 2.7 times for religious organizations – up to 1302 UAH 87 kopecks / Gcal. Relevant tariff plans are published on the company's public comment website.

"Adjustment of tariffs for thermal energy and power plant for the production of heat for consumer categories" population "and" religious organization "followed the establishment of natural gas prices for all categories of consumers from November 1, 2018 in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 October 2018 No. 867 "State in the message.

Currently, the tariff for the population is 785 UAH 94 kopecks / Gcal, for religious organizations – 478 UAH 56 kopecks / Gcal.

Accept and comment drafts by November 12th.

In addition, at the location "Kiivteploenergo", a project for tariffs for electricity and thermal energy supply at the CHP plants for 2019 was announced, according to which it is proposed to reduce the tariff for electricity supply by 23.5% from 183 thousand kopers 30 kop / kVh to 159.80 kopecks / kVh

At the same time, an increase in tariffs for heat production for CHP for population by 40% (for 317.11 UAH) – up to 1103 UAH 05 kop / Gcal, religious organizations – 2.4 times (for 690.44 UAH) – up to 1171 UAH 00 kopecks / Gcal, and also lower for state institutions by 14% (for 165.95 UAH) – up to 1021 UAH 80 kopecks / Gcal, and other consumers by 14% (for 168.53 UAH) – up to 1018 UAH 59 kopecks / Gcal.

As stated in the draft document, these tariffs additionally take into account KP losses due to the discrepancy between the market and tariff price of gas for the production of electricity and heat for all categories of consumers in the period from August to October (including) in 2018. In addition, losses from non-conformity between market and tariff for gas for the production of heat for the population and religious organizations in the period from November to December (inclusive) in 2018 are taken into account.

Prior to that, Kiivteploenergo announced the prices of heating and hot water for October.

It should be noted that the decision of the KSCA came into force today, which reduced the cost of heating consumers without counting by 27%.

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