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The three signs of the zodiac will have a difficult day: astrologer


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Ukrainian news

Ukrainian news

The three signs of the zodiac will have a difficult day: astrologer

Elena Novikova

Today's horoscope.  Photo: pixabay

Today’s horoscope. Photo: pixabay

Today, October 12, Taurus, Libra and Pisces will face difficulties. News from Ukraine will tell you more about what awaits on Tuesday the representatives of these three signs of the zodiac.


Taurus faces a controversial day. The stars say that the rush or lack of diplomacy in contacting public organizations or the authorities can negatively affect progress towards the goal. In addition, on Tuesday you will need to be more careful in business transactions as well as working with documents and securities.


The stars say Tuesday will be marked by unresolved issues in work or personal life. Mutual understanding with peers and family will be difficult. In the afternoon, a fire or theft is likely to have daily problems.


Pisces will have a busy day. The stars warn that on Tuesday any business will require the utmost effort from the poster representatives. In personal relationships, it is important to rule out all doubts to avoid conflicts on this basis.

As previously reported by the Ukrainian News Agency, Pavel Globa said he expected all the signs of the zodiac in October.

In addition, the three signs of the zodiac can be made richer in October 2021.

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