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"They want to destroy the free sample of Ukrainian football"


General Director of Lugansk "Dawn" Sergey Rafailov I wrote a message to Facebook in which I spoke about the situation with a single teleworking and the next meeting on this subject:

"The next UPL club meeting will take place today, where they will already propel the idea of ​​creating a television pool for this championship. And, probably, you've already done some work among some opponents. Although all clubs understand that a single pool is necessary, but not in the form and not in the conditions offered by UPL and Soccer channels.

I have some questions for the developers of this idea that I have no answers: where the figures come from, what they offer to clubs, what to do with the contracts that the clubs already have, how the contract will change and # 39 ; Import after the UPL expands to 14? Then, 16 teams, there is a procedure to change the amount of the contract based on the success or failure of the project, etc.

And I also want to tell you what the problem really is. In Ukraine, the new CEO, who was in charge of making a dispenser, if not profitable, at least to minimize losses. And the channels of Soccer are these losses, especially when they could not acquire the rights to spread parties of the best championships. Yes, Denisov himself spoke of this useless more than once.

What do they want to do? Completely eliminate the free screen of Ukrainian football on television, eliminate cable network broadcasts, set the price for the opportunity to watch championship matches from 100-150 UAH per month. And this only in the initial stage. And, probably, it is necessary to buy additional equipment for viewers. I want to ask myself if the clubs are prepared to offer this option to their fans? "

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