Thursday , October 6 2022

Time on January 15: Florenz's cyclone will bid farewell to Ukraine, what will be the weather


On Tuesday, January 15, a part of Ukraine will be covered with snow and needle due to the cyclone Florence

This was announced by the pre-adolescent Natalia Didenko on her Facebook page.

On Monday January 14, Florenz's northern cyclone weather front covered Ukraine. Therefore, snow and noise fall to the whole country.

On the following day, January 15, the front will reach the eastern part, respectively, south-west, to the south with rain, it waits in the southern part and in the east of Ukraine (except in the region of & # 39; ; Odessa).

Snow will also appear in western regions. To the north and downtown in the afternoon – without significant rainfall, at most, in some places, light snow.

The air temperature the following night will be -4 …- 10 degrees, east and south, approximately to zero, in the afternoon, on Tuesday 0 …- & # 39; It expects Ukraine to deplete 3 degrees of frost. To the south is 0 … + 3 degrees, in Crimea to +6 degrees.

"In Kiev, on January 14, during the day, an atmospheric front will float, the snow will appear. On January 15 in the capital without significant rainfall, only in some places something flies slightly. At night -3 …- 5 degrees, tomorrow afternoon -2 …- 4 degrees. January 17-18 in hot Kiev. The next cold blow will come from January 21st"- wrote Didenko.

According to the "Apostrof" report, the Ukrainians were warned about the deterioration of the climate on January 14. On this day, weather forecasts predict a strong wind.

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