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On Saturday, November 10th, in Manchester Arena, one of the most anticipated heavy competitions in the year will be held. Absolute world champion Alexander Usik will defend all his championship belts. Usik won titles in the final of the World Boxing Super Series, defeating Murat Gassiev by points. Former world champion VBC Toni Bellev will resist Ukraine.

The Briton gained immense popularity not only after winning the championship strap, but after moving to a terrible field, where he twice defeated the former world champion in two weight categories David Hai. Especially the first fight was great – Bellev was throwing Hai for the ropes.

"I do not even know what to do if a win is as simple as a fight against David Haie"– Podnachivaet rivala Toni. But do not put mustaches in your mouth: "How will I win Belle on Saturday? With love"

On Wednesday, at the Football Museum in Manchester, it was held open training mustache and Bellevue. Immediately, several British media made a live show and one of the journalists, analyzing the style of Alexander Usik with a smile, said that his legs were so fast that we had to get in the ring and kiss them thanks to the opportunity to watch their work.

Otherwise, at a news conference, he said his word and Tthey are Bellevue: "I'll catch a monster, I'll hit him in the face".

"I have to become an absolute world champion in the heavyweight category. As soon as I win the title, I thank everyone for their participation, I will finish my career and go home," and this is already about Alexander's plans for the future.

After the fight with Bellevue, Usik intends to rise to the category in the heavy category, but from this idea compatriots defended their compatriots Vasily Lomachenko, Sergei Derevchenko and Evgeni Hitrov

Bukmejkari consider Usik favorite of the match. The winner of the Ukrainian boxer's victory is 1.13, while Beleu can win a bet with a 6.50 quota and a draw – 26.

The day before the battle was held a ceremony heavier.

Belle was a little heavier than mustache. Scales below the British showed 90.26 kg.

The weight of Ukraine was 89.81 kg.

After that, the boxers looked at each other's eyes. Otherwise, Usik called the "Manchester City" scarf. As Ukrainian promoter Aleksander Krasiuk said later, Usik supports his buddy buddy Alexander Zinchenko. The footballer will personally watch the fight with Bella.

At the end of the ceremony, Usik showed the Ukrainian flag in front of the fans.

Otherwise, in Manchester, it turned out that Usik would defend another championship belt. Prior to the fight, Ukrainian won the world champion award for The Ring magazine.

The full list of boxing bouts in Manchester on November 10 is:

Alekandros Kartozia (6-1-0) – TBA
Dmitry Mitrofanov (2-0-0) – Gino Kanters (5-2-0)
Sam Hide (13-0-1) – Richard Riakpore (7-0-0)
David Allen (15-4-2) – Ariel Esteban Bracamonte (8-1-0)
Josh Kelli (7-0-0) – Valter Fabian Castillo (13-2-0)
Ricky Burns (42: 7) – Scott Cardle (23-2-1)
Anthoni Kroll (33-6-3) – Daoud Jordan (38-3-0)
Aleksandar Usik (15-0-0) – Toni Belleu (30-2-1)

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